The most reliable 3D virtual event platforms in 2021

The virtual event industry is thriving ever since the global pandemic came into the picture. The percentage of virtual events skyrocketed exponentially and more and more technology players started emerging in the market. Out of many options available, it is difficult for an event planner to select one. A virtual event platform that offers the most exciting networking and engagement features is the one you must select. Additionally, look for a platform that is built on a safe and secure foundation and offers custom solutions. It helps in replicating live physical events effortlessly by allowing you to create a 3d virtual environment suiting the company branding.

Undeniably, virtual events are here to stay and the future of the event industry. Virtual event platforms are upgrading themselves with the most exciting features on a daily basis to suit event requirements. In this blog, we will cover the most reliable 3D virtual event platforms in 2021. It will help in giving you a clear picture and makes it easy for you to select one for your event. So, without wasting your time, let’s get started!

Top 3D virtual event platforms in 2021

Today, the market is flooded with ample options to host small-scale as well as large-scale virtual events. But not every platform is right for your event. The slightest mistake on your part in selecting a platform might result in the fall of your event. You need to be very strategic before making a final choice. Determine your event goals and ensure beforehand what you want to achieve by hosting a virtual event. Additionally, create a strategy beforehand, so you must become aware of features you would like to have in your event. We have listed some of the top trending 3D virtual event platforms of 2021 below, have a look:

  1. Dreamcast

One of the top leading global virtual event platforms that offer an array of exciting features. Right from networking, engagement, data analytics to a custom environment, Dreamcast offers a stellar line up of the most brilliant features. The platform enables organizers to set up a 3d virtual environment to deliver immersive event experiences just like physical events. Right from virtual meetings to virtual trade shows and expos, Dreamcast virtual event platforms serve all. The platform is a perfect fit to host the most important industry events such as AGMs virtually. AGMs involve an exchange of confidential information. Selecting a platform that is reliable, safe, and secure becomes a must in this case. Dreamcast adheres to safety compliance. Thus, helps in keeping your privacy intact and restricts unauthorized third parties to access your event content. 

Right from customizing the outdoor walkthrough to lobby areas to auditoriums to exhibition halls, and even the minute details such as booth button colors, fonts are more, Dreamcast serves all. 

These are some of the most exciting networking features offered by the platform that helps attendees network in real-time:

  • AI-matchmaking
  • B2B meeting scheduler
  • Live audio/video chat capabilities
  • External plugins
  • Virtual networking tables
  • Business card exchange
  •  2-way video conferencing and more.

Additionally, the platform even offers a wide range of the most exciting engagement features to keep attendees hooked throughout. Some of the most exciting engagement features offered by Dreamcast are listed below:

  • AR/VR games such as spin the wheel, tic-tac-toe, crossword, dart game, and more.
  • Photo booths
  • Social wall
  • Pledge or signature wall
  • Live polls
  • Quizzes and contest
  • Q&A sessions
  • Leaderboard challenge
  • Emoticon integration from the heart to hoot and clap and more

Apart from networking and engagement features, the platform offers many other features. It helps in replicating the look and feel of your live physical events in the virtual world. Right from access control, reverse buyer-seller meet, a poster hall, dynamic lobby to create a 3D virtual event environment, you get much more with Dreamcast. Not to miss on data analytics features! The platform keeps a track of every digital attendee move from start to finish that helps in generating real-time event analytics reports. It helps in measuring the performance of the event and knowing the flaws. Undoubtedly, Dreamcast is one of the best and most reliable 3D virtual event platforms. It allows you to host all types and sizes of virtual events at scale effortlessly. 

  1. Accelevents

When we talk about the most reliable 3d virtual event platform, we can not miss on Accelevents. It is one of the most reliable and safe virtual event platforms to host your industry as well as other virtual events. The platform offers a wide range of easy-to-use features and complete professional assistance to deliver enthralling event experiences. Right from virtual conferences, exhibitions, expos, trade shows, or any other event in a virtual world, Accelevents serves all. The virtual event platform is capable of hosting small-scale events with 100 attendees to large-scale events without any audience cap. With Accelevents, you can create a 3D virtual environment to recreate physical event experiences. Some of the most exciting features offered by the Accelevents are:

  • Live polls to engage attendees.
  • Live audio/video chat capabilities that allow attendees to have interactions in real-time just like physical events.
  • Ticket sales
  • Virtual booths
  • Live Streaming
  • Breakout Sessions for attendees to have open discussions
  • Gamification features to engage attendees with the event
  • AI-based networking tools for attendees to interact with like-minded people
  • Analytics tools to generate real-time event analytics and measure event metrics. And a lot of many features.
  1. Vfairs

Another 3D virtual event platform on the list is Vfairs. The platform offers an array of exciting features to host all types of events virtually in a digital environment. Right from custom landing pages with an easy-to-use interface to the networking, engagement and analytics features, the platform serves all. Some of the exciting features offered by Vfairs that helps in replicating the essence of physical events include:

  • 3D branded virtual booths
  • Variety of networking features for real-time interactions
  • Engaging features such as live polls, surveys, Q&A, and more to boost attendee engagements
  • Virtual briefcase to bookmark the most awaited sessions
  • Detailed event analytics report
  • Virtual lobby to deliver immersively event experiences
  • Allow you to organize third party webinars 

And many other features offered by the platform make it count on the list of most reliable 3D virtual event platforms in 2021.

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